David Bezanson, Ph.D.

Learned from numerous centers spanning a wide array of traditions. More importantly, I was very fortunate to study with several gurus who were not affiliated with any tradition and wish to maintain anonymity. They radiated the meditative state.

Read hundreds of books on meditation, primarily translations of traditional texts.

Four decades of regular practice including weekend-long intensives.

Thesis for Master of Arts degree was “Meditation Research”.

Completed four years of clinical internship at University of California S.F. Medical School.

After obtaining Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology I provided psychotherapy. With many clients this included meditation as part of the therapy.

Completed year-long postdoctoral neuropsychology seminar at U.C.S.F.

Completed a one-year research internship in the renowned psychophysiology lab of Dr. Joe Kamiya. We studied meditators’ brainwaves and their ability to regulate nerve activity.

National certification in biofeedback and twenty years of clinical practice.

For two years volunteered part time as technical editor of Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Publications include: a) the 29-page annotated bibliography in Bauman, Ed. et.al. Holistic Health Handbook, And/Or Press, 1978. b) ten scientific journal articles, c) contributions to a book.  In Meditation: Self-Regulation Strategy and Altered States of Consciousness, 2008, Dr. Deane Shapiro acknowledged contributions of technical editing of the bibliography and text, data analysis, and comments on drafts, d) “Meditation and Cognitive Enhancement” in Dec. 2014 issue of Wise Brain Bulletin, e) “Smart Meditation” San Francisco Regional Mensa Intelligencer 51, 4: 10 (July 2015).

member of M.E.N.S.A.: The International High I.Q. Society

Co-investigator in a National Heart, Lung, and Blood-funded experiment that  tested non-pharmacologic treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure): exercise, diet, and relaxation

Extensive public speaking experience to lay audiences and mental health professionals

Approved as a provider of mandatory continuing education by the California Psychological Association, taught 2 seminars: a) meditation in psychotherapy, b) treatment of anxiety disorders.

Designed and taught classes on stress management for 5 years in a U.C.S.F. Medical School clinic.

Designed and taught a course on meditation which was offered at the student union of U.C.S.F. Medical School for about 5 years. Designed and taught a variation of this course to patients in a large inter-disciplinary medical clinic for about 5 years.

From 2010 to 2014 I worked P/T as a substitute teacher in public schools. I sometimes cover breathing or thought awareness as self-control tools. As you may know, this job requires absence of a criminal record. Since Feb. 2015 I have performed volunteer tutoring of math in a grade five classroom of a public school.

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