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We begin each appointment by setting an agenda.  We review your meditation history, determine where you want to go with it, and the top priority applications.  Novices enjoy taking a trip into the meditative zone by listening to my travel guide soliloquy.  This is often called guided meditation and has the least amount of lasting benefit.  We may meditate together in silence or with some intermittent conversation re. a current feeling or issue.  Meditation may be done while sitting, reclining, strolling, standing, stretching, simulating work tasks, etc. Conducive environments include quiet indoor areas or scenic outdoor settings, e.g., garden, beach, or park.

No one can put you in a meditative state.  You will learn of doorways, but only you may open them and walk through.  Psychotherapy is not provided.  Be sober and you will learn quickly.  I do not provide initiation and am not seeking disciples. If you have been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, e.g., schizophrenia, meditation may be harmful.  Research has shown that when these patients meditate  psychotic distortions become more florid and pronounced.

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Nearly everyone savors serenity.  Most have a better grasp of how the mind works and who they are.  Priorities are often clarified. Minor matters are less nettlesome.  Sensory impressions are more vivid.  Thinking is less frenetic, driven, and ‘hyper’. The intensity of the desire and fear machines subsides.  Knots and kinks dissolve.

Some report hearing a pure tone or feeling a very subtle vibration in the center of the brain.  They resonate with this sound/vibration and are swept into a meditative state. The tone is like that of a high-pitched tuning fork.  It is not language.

Many have visions which they interpret as sacred.  Disturbing dream-like imagery is commonly reported.  This is the ego feeling threatened and attempting to dominate the mind.  You and I will see the ego games.  We chat about it a little as you are watching it play out.  This directs a meditative search light on the content.  Meditation entails strong feelings (spiritual and profane) and very little thought.  (Do you think major motion picture films evoke strong feelings?  Wait until you take a ride on the meditation roller coaster!)

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Call to schedule an appointment.  Organizations, small groups, families, and individuals are welcome.  If minors are to participate, adult presence is required.  Presentations with Q. & A. are available.  Organizations often having an interest in this topic are spiritual groups, health care clinics, university student clubs, schools, substance abuse educators, ecologic activists, civic cause proponents, corporations aiming to decrease medical costs, and philanthropic charities.

We can meet in a park, beach, organization headquarters, campus, or library. The dress code is casual.  Your input re. anything which would facilitate learning is welcome.  Monthly or weekly group meetings have worked well.

The only fee for individual appointments is for transportation.  This is $100/hour of transit time for an appointment or failed appointment. Appointments are re-confirmed by telephone on the day of the appointment.  If I cannot reach you an hour before the appointment, it is canceled.  Only cash is accepted for transportation fees and no change is available.  Checks are also accepted for tips.  At least half of tips are used to sustain this service.  At least ten percent of tips are donated to environmental and ecologic organizations which are protecting the health of our only home. To schedule, please telephone between 9:00 and 17:00 (PST) seven days a week.

                                                                                               650 636 4439

Call the Meditation Doctor today to take your practice to new highs

Consultations via telephone are available for $100 per hour.

Bring the benefits of meditation into your school.  Programs are available for pupils, administrators, teachers, and parents. These may be scheduled during the school day, after school, or on Saturdays.

Many programs have become popular in the last decade. I appreciate the programs developed by many organizations. Some provide instruction exclusively or primarily online: No research has verified the efficacy of online meditation instruction for children or adults. In contrast, programs that I provide are live.

All that I have reviewed offer concatenations of meditation plus unique varieties of stress management, social skills training, communication exercises, or character education. These adjuncts appear to be promising, but are not well-proven. In contrast, the programs I offer are pure meditation, which has been proven beneficial by thousands of studies.

None of the many programs I have reviewed measure cognitive functioning or academic achievement. The latter is the primary aim of the educational system. Many studies have proven that meditation improves academic achievement and cognitive functioning. Programs that I offer include these measures. Little research shows that the aforementioned adjuncts improve these.

Programs I have reviewed cover only one kind of meditation. In contrast, I provide instruction in each of the three kinds of classic meditation: a) concentrative, e.g., mantra, b) awareness, e.g., mindfulness, c) emptying, e.g., Soto Zazen. There is far more research on each of these than all of the contemporary styles combined. An individual may benefit significantly from one kind yet benefit little from another. I show participants how to determine the kind that is most effective for them by using the Meditative State Scale.

No other program I have reviewed shows pupils how to combine meditation with solo study and classroom participation. This is the most relevant application of meditation to teach in school settings. My years of teaching experience found the classroom participation and study skills of a high percent of K-12 students to be pallid.

In contrast to all other programs  I have reviewed, I provide individual consultations. These appointments hone in on individual differences and difficulties learning meditation. This provides private time to explore issues that students do not want to express in class.

None of the programs I have reviewed are offered by individuals with my rare combination of credentials in teaching, research, clinical practice, advanced meditation skill in many styles, and freedom from affiliation with any tradition.

Call today to schedule a free consultation or presentation. Ask about a results-based fee option. Let’s collaborate to improve our schools, accelerate the development of cognitive functioning, raise scholastic test scores, and promote academic achievement.

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